Is black metal kind of satanism?

Many people think that it is true. Let look at it. Varg Vikernes from one-man music project Burzum in one of his videos (Link on this video will be at the end of the entry) said: “Nobody there were Satanists in norwegian black metal. However, many used satanic imagery, satanic theme, many said that they were Satanists or played that they were Satanists, some even thought that they were Satanists, but nobody of them were Satanists. What they did or what we did – we used a satanic imagery as a provocation to show contempt for the established order, Christian society, but there were no religious interest in Satanism, no rituals, anything of that sort. It was clearly provocative subject. And I want to add that there was not a single one in that scene who really appreciated the church of Satan by Anton Levy… The media for some reason wanted to promote the church of Satan and present it as the Black metal thing. So, they didn`t interview anybody about it, because they couldn’t find anybody, who wanted to talk about it, because everybody was negative. So, instead they said in some talk shows, radio, that BM was satanic and then they interviewed some “experts on Satanism” and presented it as if the scene was choice of satanic (choice of satanic church adepts, – author). But with time what they’ve created was the interest of the church of Satan, not in the BM scene, but in all the guys, who wanted be part of the BM scene and who eventually became a majority and also in sense took over (and became leaders, – author). So church of Satan became a part of the scene, although it never was and although it was expressed opinion of everybody in the scene that church of Satan was a shit. That’s one thing.  And also the BM image – leather jackets, stupid boots with its metal plaid on the front and nails… It was created, based on interviews with the guys who were on the periphery on the scene… So you had a church of Satan, BM clown image and this was pushed by the media this what became BM scene: looking stupid, thinking that Satanism is cool, or Levy`s version of it. I never liked this development, so speak to put it mighty”.

Ok, we have done with that. Now I would like to introduce you a great dramatic song of Cradle of Filth “Blackest Magick in Practice”. This thing doesn`t have any satanic motives. It’s a song about the guy which has lost his love and wants to back it even if it is very dangerous and needs black magic. Very dramatic. It has an amazing harmony and just the great guitar solos and drums part. By my amateurish view most clips with Dani Filth (vocalist of COF and Devilment) are pieces of art and, for my opinion, this one isn’t an exception! I recommend to see and to listen to it! (link on this video will be at the end of the entry).

Also here are some thoughts of Sam Scott-Hunter, who made the clip “Blackest Magick In Practice”, also he previously lent his hand to “Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me” by Devilment, Dani Filth’s side project.

“There’s dark madness in this video,” says Scott-Hunter. “”Blackest Magick In Practice” is a deeply tragic tale of lost love. It’s the grief stricken insanity of trying to bring back that loved one from the dead; desperately trying to hold onto that person who’s gone, even if that leads down a dark and gruesome path. I don’t want to give it all away, but I will say that the hardest part of the production was getting hold of a human ear.”

Scott-Hunter continues, “I wanted to convey the power of the band too, in amongst the romance, madness and magic. Behind the imagery of the lyrics is a great and powerful metal band of amazing musicians, and I hope people can feel the intensity of the band when they watch this. It is intense viewing. There should be a bit of madness in the video, because there’s madness in this song.”

CLIP of Cradle of filth “Blackest Magick In Practice” from official YouTube channel “cradleoffilthtv”:

VIDEOSPEECH of Varg Vikernes from one-man music project Burzum from his official YouTube channel “ThuleanPerspective”:


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